Simon Hodgkins

CMO, Vistatec

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Simon is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vistatec, Founder of the Think Global Forum, the Think Global Awards and Editor in Chief of VTQ magazine. Prior to this, Simon held the positions of Marketing Director and Country Manager, including leadership of the global SaaS/cloud services with Sage Plc (FTSE 100 global software organisation). He has extensive experience in strategic leadership, including directorships across Europe, the US and the UAE. Simon is an Ambassador at the CMO Alliance and President of Club CMO (Previously The CMO Club.)

Simon's pioneering work in marketing has earned him prestigious international awards, including Top 50 Most Influential CMO and Top 100 CMO in Business and Finance. He is listed among the Top 1000 Inspiring figures in Europe by the London Stock Exchange.

Aside from these accomplishments, Simon is a member of the AdAge advisory panel, a prominent speaker, an investor, and the Founder and Host of several award-winning podcasts, audio and video shows.

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